About Liberty Foreman.

An award-winning innovator on a mission to transform lives through cutting-edge healthcare technology.

Sierra Medical
Pioneering Early-Stage Cancer Detection with AI

Sierra Medical is a healthcare artificial intelligence software tackling early-stage cancer diagnostics with a platform that can detect the subtle biochemical changes indicative of cancer.

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Having worked with Liberty for several years I see her doing everything in her power to advance cancer diagnostics. I have been hugely impressed by her knowledge, experience and determination.

Wendy Tindsley
Innovation Director at Oxford Innovation

Liberty's passion for medicine, technology and her compassion toward the challenges faced by cancer patients make her a remarkable leader in the fight against lung cancer.

Isaac Shi
Co-Founder of Golden Section

Questions for a
Healthcare Startup Founder

Do you have any upcoming milestones?

Our MVP will be launched and trialled later this year with Portsmouth Technologies Trials Unit (PTTU), Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust & the University of Portsmouth.

What compelled you to start Sierra Medical?

You have to discover cancer to cure it, so our simple, affordable approach and proprietary AI-driven platform is designed to detect early stage cancer, which claims >150k lives each year.

How much capital have you raised to date?

I’ve helped to raise £5,000,000 in capital in recent years, but the most important thing is the people who have invested in my team and me. Sierra Medical is backed by investors who support our mission entirely, which is worth more than any blank cheque.

What advice do you have for MedTech founders?

Believe in your instinct, listen for consistent feedback and embrace your mistakes. Approach your work both scientifically and empathetically, and never lose sight of your mission.

What technology does Sierra Medical use?

The Sierra Medical platform combines artificial intelligence (AI), infrared light, satellite imaging processing techniques and proprietary data libraries to detect subtle biochemical changes.

Do you offer a consultancy service?

I do not offer a consultancy service, per se, though I am always interested in emerging technologies and innovations in healthcare. Reach out to me on the contact page if you'd like to discuss your project or ask for advice.